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Formal Methods: Past Program Sponsors

(Note: most of the following text comes directly from the June 2000 edition of NASA Langley`s Research and Technology-Transfer Program in Formal Methods, which is available in PDF (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader link to external site if needed).

Aviation Safety Program (AvSP)

Computing, Information and Communications Technology Program (CICT)

Engineering for Complex Systems Program (ECS)

Aerospace Vehicle System Technology Program (AVSTO)

Advanced Air Transportation Technology Program (AATT)

Advanced air traffic management concepts are being developed which distribute the responsibility for traffic separation among many different entities. As a consequence, these concepts move some of the safety risk from human controllers into on-board software and hardware systems. One example of the new kind of distributed systems is air traffic conflict detection and resolution. Traditional methods for safety assessment such as human-in-the-loop simulations, testing, and flight experiments may not be sufficient in this highly distributed system: the set of possible scenarios is too large to have a reasonable coverage. Our research seeks to apply formal methods to the safety assessment of these critical avionics systems.

Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS)

See FM Contractors for more information about the contractors and links to external web sites.

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