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FM Program: Small Aircraft Transportation System

The NASA Langley Research Center, the Federal Aviation Administration, along with industry and academic partners are seeking to significantly increase the capacity of regional airports through advanced technology. This five-year research program is called the Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) program. The long-term goal is to improve travel between remote communities and transportation centers in urban areas by utilizing a new generation of aircraft between the nation's 5,400 under-utilized public-use general aviation airports. One of the most revolutionary aspects of the SATS approach is the use of a software system that will sequence aircraft into the SATS airspace in the absence of an airport controller. There are serious safety issues associated with these software systems and their underlying key algorithms. The criticality of such software systems necessitates that strong guarantees of the safety be developed for them. Under the SATS program NASA Langley reseachers are currently investigating rigorous verification of these software system using formal methods.

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