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  • Aaron M. Dutle

    I am a mathematician turned computer scientist working in the Formal Methods group at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.

    I earned an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, with a second major in Philosophy, from Northern Kentucky University*. I earned a Master's degree in Mathematics from Texas A&M University*. I earned my doctorate in Mathematics from the University of South Carolina* as a student of Joshua Cooper. After graduation, I remained at the University of South Carolina as a post-doctoral fellow studying complex networks under a multi-institution grant from DARPA .* My Erdős number* is 2*.

    My primary interests prior to working at NASA were broadly in the fields of Graph Theory and Combinatorics. More specifically, I enjoy studying spectral properties of graphs and hypergraphs; the relationships between random, pseudo-random, and quasi-random combinatorial structures; computational complexity of graph algorithms and algorithms in general; and the use of graphs to model real-world phenomena.

    At NASA, there are two separate but intertwined aims of my research. The first is the development and enhancement of formal methods tools and technologies. The second is the use of formal methods tools for the verification of concepts and software related to aerospace applications. The development of new and more powerful tools in formal methods allows for more difficult projects to be undertaken, while the needs of the particular projects also steer the direction of the tools that are being developed.


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