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Welcome to the NASA Langley Formal Methods Site

If you are not familiar with formal methods, you might want to start your exploration by visiting our pages that try to answer the questions, Why is Formal Methods Necessary? and What is Formal Methods?

If you are familiar with formal methods, you will probably be most interested in seeing information about the work that we`re doing now and have done in the past. We also have information about our research team. A paper about our program is available in PostScript and PDF formats (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe site if needed).

After you have explored our site for the first time, you might want to make use of our quick access page on your future visits.

The NASA Langley Formal Methods group is a member of the greater NASA Formal Methods Research Group, which hosts the NASA Formal Methods Symposium.

Note: The external link tag identifies links that are outside of the NASA domain; and, of course, the search above uses links that are outside the NASA domain, too.

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