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  • Mallory S. Graydon

    Mallory is a Research Computer Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, USA. She has worked as a Software Design Engineer building software for medical devices and for test and measurement applications, as a Research Associate at the University of York (UK), and as a Researcher at Mälardalen University (Sweden). Mallory’s research on safety assurance for software-intensive systems has covered safety process planning, review of safety arguments, assurance of changes to legacy systems, safety cases for component-based systems, mixed-criticality hard real time scheduling, formal argumentation, and argument confidence.

    Her work explores the efficacy and appropriateness of argument-based approaches to civil aviation safety assurance. Mallory co-organized the 2014 workshop on Planning the Unplanned Experiment: Assessing the Efficacy of Standards for Safety Critical Software.

    Selected publications:

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    Safety Critical Avionics Systems Branch
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