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  • John V Siratt

    I am a logician working in formal methods research at the NASA Langley Research Center. I have particular interest in the improvement of proof assistant technology and the analysis of formal methods techniques.

    I hold an MS in applied mathematics and I am currently writing my dissertation in mathematical logic under the direction of Peter Cholak at the University of Notre Dame. Academically, the problems I look at are largely motivated by questions that arise in my formal methods work.

    My professional interests are broad, but the areas I am most passionate about might best be described as applied logic. My most recent projects have included work in termination analysis and the verification of neural networks.

    I first connected with the Langley Formal Methods Team in 2016 after discovering their work online. This led to two NIF summer internships in 2017 and 2018. In 2020 I was hired into the group as a Pathways intern and have since been splitting my time between working with the team and working on my PhD.

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