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Software Products Developed Under the ACCoRD Framework

ACCoRD Software
CD2D horizontal conflict detection formally verified
CDSS 3D state-based conflict detection formally verified
CDSI conflict detection with traffic intent formally verification in progress
CDII conflict detection with traffic and ownship intent formally verification in progress
CR3D state-based conflict resolution formally verified
Bands state-based conflict prevention bands formally verified
IntentBands conflict prevention bands with traffic intent formally verified
Chorus N aircraft conflict and loss of separation resolution partially verified
Stratway strategic conflict detection and resolution with intent heuristic, partial verfication in progress

Programs are available in C++ or Java. We have put much effort into assuring that the C++ and Java version produce identical outputs (cf. up to floating point precision limits).

Software is open source and is available upon request (Contact J.M.Maddalon@NASA.GOV).

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