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    Julia Badger
    NASA Johnson Space Center

    Aaron Dutle
    NASA Langley Research Center

    Klaus Havelund 
    NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Michael Lowry (Chair)
    NASA Ames Research Center

    Kristin Rozier
    Iowa State University

    Johann Schumann
    SGT @ NASA Ames Research Center

    Current Event: NFM 2021

    The 13th NASA Formal Methods Symposium (NFM2021) is organized by the Formal Methods Team at NASA Langley Research Center. It will be held, possibly virtually, in Norfolk, VA, May 24-28, 2021.

    theme of annual conference

    The NASA Formal Methods Symposium is a series of annual conferences organized by the NASA Formal Methods Research Group. The sympoisum is a forum for theoreticians and practitioners from academia, industry, and government, with the goals of identifying challenges and providing solutions to achieving assurance in mission- and safety-critical systems. Within NASA, for example, such systems include autonomous robots, separation assurance algorithms for aircraft, Next Generation Air Transportation (NextGen), and autonomous rendezvous and docking for spacecraft. Moreover, emerging paradigms such as code generation and safety cases are bringing with them new challenges and opportunities. The focus of the symposium will be on formal techniques, their theory, current capabilities, and limitations, as well as their application to aerospace, robotics, and other safety-critical systems.

    topics of interest