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C. Michael Holloway

Mr Holloway is not a member of the formal methods team, but he once was, and can pretend to be when necessary. He thinks those who have the patience to spend hours proving things they already know to be true deserve respect (and even more pity).

As a teenager Michael Holloway could run really fast. Unrelatedly, he planned to become a constitutional lawyer and eventually a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. For non-academic reasons, he ended up as a senior research computer engineer at NASA Langley Research Center, where he has worked since June 1983.

His primary professional research interests center around finding answers to two fundamental epistemic questions:

During his 38-year career he has authored over 60 papers and received many awards, including Langley's premier research fellowship. He received a superb undergraduate education from the University of Virginia [*] (“Wahoowa!”) and a mediocre graduate education from the University of Illinois.

When not working for his paycheck, he, among other things, plays Fantasy SCOTUS (in which he was the OT2018 national champion) and otherwise follows the court closely, participates in his church, reads a lot about many subjects, writes a bit, follows many college and a few professional sports, paints rocks, and enjoys spending time with his wife (a fabulous photographer and former Langley computer engineer). He has two adult sons and one daughter-in-law.

He can't run fast anymore.

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