FM Past Program: Civil Air Transport Requirements

This page is not maintained. It is probably out of date.

Work with Boeing to develop a prototype interface for formal requirements analysis of a civil air transport was completed in 1992. This work, performed under a subcontract to California Polytechnic State University, included development of a Wide-Spectrum Requirements Specification Language (WSRSL) and prototype tools to support the language. Portions of a set of requirements for an Advanced Subsonic Civil Transport (ASCT) developed by a Boeing engineer under previous NASA funding were rewritten in WSRSL to demonstrate the use of the language and toolset. Since WSRSL is a formal language, the specifications can be formally analyzed for syntactic correctness, completeness, and consistency.

Curator and Responsible NASA Official: C. Michael Holloway
last modified: 20 December 1994 (13:15:25)